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School Information

Katrinebergs Förskola kindergarden Kommun bilingual
Kungsholmens Gymnasium Kommun Monolingual
Stockholm Internat. Grades 0-9 International Monolingual
Rödabergs Grades 1-9 Kommun Bilingual
Tanto Grades 1-6 International Monolingual
Johannes Grades 0-6 Kommun Bilingual
Engelska Skolan Norr Grades 0-6
Nacka International Grades 0-9 Kommun Monolingual
Nacka International Gymnasium Kommun Monolingual
British Primary Grades 1-5 International Monolingual
Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium Independent Bilingual
Engelska Sk. Söder Grades 1-9 Monolingual
Tullingeberg Grades 1-6 Kommun Bilingual
Rollingeby Gymnasium Gymnasium
Saltsjöbadens Samskola (IB) Gymnasium
Falkbergs Grades 7-9 Kommun Bilingual
Sigtuna Hum. Grades 7-9 International Monolingual
Sigtuna Hum. Gymnasium International Monolingual
Sollentuna Intl Grades 0-9 Kommun Bilingual
Turebergsskolan Grades 0-9
Wasaskolan Grades 0-9
Johan Skytte skolan Grades 0-9

Kommun = A state school funded by the kommun
Independent = A private school, friskola, funded by the kommun and following the National curriculum.
International = A private school funded in part by the state and following an International curriculum
Bilingual Education implies that a substantial percentage or the class teaching is In Swedish.
More information about English schools:

British Primary School
Östra Valhallavägen 17
182 62 Djursholm
Telephone: 08 755 2375
Fax: 08 755 2635
e-mail: borgen@britishprimaryschool.se
Although the school is not selective, priority is given to children whose first language is English. Children in classes 3-7, ages 7-12, should speak English fluently in order to be given a place in school. Founded in 1980, the school is a member of the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) and the Council of British Independent Schools in the European
Community (COBISEC). There are currently around 200 students representing approximately 25 nationalities, with the largest representations from Britain, America, Sweden, and

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Engelska Skolan Norr
Roslagstullsbacken 4
114 22 Stockholm
Telephone: 08-441 85 80
Fax: 08-673 2915
E-mail: info@engelskanorr.com
website: http://www.engelskanorr.com
Engelska Skolan Norr is an independent school with 370 students from kindergarten to grade six. Our profile is bilingualism, multiculturalism and computers. We follow a modified Swedish curriculum with most of the teaching in English.
Engelska Skolan Söder

Lingvägen 123
122 45 Enskede
Tel: 08 505 53300
Fax: 08 505 53311
E-mail: info@engelska.se
ESS is an independent school established in 1993. The school has 450 students in grades 6-9, as well as 180 in the upper secondary. Classes are designed to give students a solid educational foundation that will enable each individual to successfully manage future challenges. All languages are taught by native speakers of the respective language.

With students from around the world, we at Engelska Skolan Söder, work to enhance the multicultural concept by incorporating it into our teaching. Our holistic approach encompasses students’ social and academic well -being.

The school’s international staff has created a personalised environment in support of each adolescent. Our mentor system advocates a positive school climate through support and guidance.

We offer the Natural and Social Science Programs and employ a variety of learning strategies. Teachers and students together create a caring environment that encourages continuous sharing of worldviews and ideas about topics under study.

The school has developed international cooperation with Ballard High School in Seattle, Washington, USA, Harding School in Connecticut, USA Washington Irving High School in New York, USA, The Scandinavian School in Brussels, in addition to other European schools in France and Poland.

We consider Ericsson, Astra Seneca, The Royal Institute of Technololgy and The University of Stockholm as partners in education.

By integrating technology in the classroom and providing special study areas, students have the potential to accomplish academic objectives that increase participation and satisfaction.

At Engelska Skolan Söder, we focus on relevant choices. We engage students in instruction and lead them to a deeper understanding. We provide motivators to learn across the curricula and encourage students to strengthen skills that will give them the key to success in Sweden or abroad.

Ôstanv. 3
146 40 Tullinge
Telephone: 778 41 25

International School in Nacka
Brantv. 1 Box 4003
133 04 Saltsjöbaden
Telephone: 08 718 83 00
e-mail: internationella.skolan@nacka.se

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International School of Stockholm
Johannesgatan 18
111 38 Stockholm
Telephone: 08 412 4000
Fax: 08 412 4001
E-mail: admin@intsch.se
T-bana: Hotorget
For over 40 years, ISS has provided an international curriculum in English for pre-school through 9th grade students from nearly 40 countries around the world. The student population (maximum enrollment of 320) is composed of children of diplomats and other professionals who move around the world, spending just a few years in Stockholm. Among the students are also Swedish nationals who have either been educated abroad and wish to continue international education or who will be spending time abroad and need to prepare for it. ISS is accredited by the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA).

Johannes Skola
Roslagsg. 61
113 54 Stockholm
Telephone, exp/rector: 673 96 40
e-mail: englishclasses@telia.com

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Katrinebergs Förskola
Katrinebergsbacken 24
117 61 Stockholm
telephone: 08 19 78 77
fax: 08 19 78 77
e-mail: info.katrineberg@vittra.se
Katrinebergs Förskola is a bilingual, Swedish-English pre-school for one to six-year olds providing students with knowledge and skills for life, happiness and well being. Katrinebergs Förskola has committed bilingual teachers, children from many countries and cultures and uses the Vittra individual development plan method. Katrinebergs Förskola is one of the five preschools and schools in the Vittra group.

Kungsholmens Gymnasium
Stockholms Musikgymnasium
Hantverkargatan 67-69
Box 12601
112 92 Stockholm
Telephone, exp: 693 53 00

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Upplandsgatan 100
113 44 Stockholm
Telephone, exp/rector: 729 79 30

Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket
Riksinternatskola Manfred Björkquists Allé 6-8
Box 508
193 28 Sigtuna
Telephone: 08 592 571 00

Sollentuna International School
08-585 700 73 from 9 a.m. to noon
or 08-585 700 79 in the afternoon.

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The Tanto School
Flintbacken 20
118 42 Stockholm
Telephone: 08 669 71 71
fax: 08 643 09 94

Tullingebergsvägen 39
146 45 Tullinge
Telephone, exp: 778 23 79

Viktor Rydbergs Gymnasium
Viktor Rydbergsvägen 29
182 62 Djursholm
Telephone: 622 18 00
fax: 753 05 87
Norrtullsgatan 41-43
113 45 Stockholm
Telephone: 545 419 00
fax: 545 419 10