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Swimming in Stockholm

Everything Stockholm residents need to know about swimming in the greater Stockholm area, with a detailed list of swimming areas, all accessible by mass transit or car.

If you’ve grown up in the desert, like me, the word “swimming” is inextricably tied to poolside images: white plastic lounge chairs, the high board, aloof life guards hidden behind sunglasses and zinc-white noses, clear blue water lapping against the tiled edge of a swimming pool, concrete, that antiseptic smell of chlorine.

The first time I made a visit to Smeddsudsbadet, I was in for a new experience: it wasn’t a swimming pool, it was on a rocky hill beside the Baltic Sea, and it was a rugged, do-it-yourself operation: bring your own food, and be your own lifeguard. But, once I got over the shock of swimming without chlorine, I started to see the charm of Stockholm’s outdoor swimming areas.

There are 30 areas in and around Stockholm designated for outdoor swimming, and the facilities vary. Some provide a beach, and little else. Others feature changing rooms and snack bars. Some have showers. The list below is taken from the city of Stockholm’s homepage. Some pools charge admission, others are free. The first 5 swimming areas listed are outdoor swimming pools; the rest are beach areas in the waters of Lake Mälaren, in sjön or in freshwater lakes. What’s a sjön? A sjö is a part of the sea that extends far into the land: there are sjö extending into the north Stockholm counties of Sollentuna and Norrviken, for example.

OBS!!! Many references to bus and subway numbers and timetables on this list may no longer be accurate. Check with your local transportation authority before planning your day.


Outdoor Swimming Pools:

Open 20/5 – 27/8 Eriksdalslunden, tel 508 40 250 (- 275)
Swimming pool, toddler pool and bastu. sunbathing area, water gymnastics. Swimming school, beach volleyball area. Snacks. Can visit the indoor facility with additional payment.

Open 27/5 – 20/8
At Södertäljevägen-Personnevägen, tel 18 40 10. Pool, 25 x 12,5 m, with toddler pool. Swimming school information: 97 60 31. Snack bar. Free entrance.

Open 25/5 – 26/8
Sandhamnsgatan, tel 661 62 16
Pool, 25×12,5 m, toddler pool, sunbathing area, bastu och snack bar.
Open 27/5 – 20/8 Paternostervägen – Ulricehamnsvägen, tel 648 89 89.
Pool, 25×12,5 m and child’s pool. Swim school available. Snack bar, golf, outdoor showers. Sunbathing area. Free entrance.

Open 20/5 – 27/8
Skattegårdsvägen-Trolle Bondes gata, tel 761 22 63.
Pool, 50×21 m, with a teaching pool and toddler pool. Bastu, large sunbathing area. Cafe. Swimming school. lap lanes. Gym, solarium.

Vilda Vanadis sommarland

Adventure swimming pool at Vanadislunden with Sveavägen, tel 30 12 11 Water slides, tube slides and other attractions. Children’s park with a play lake. Pool, 37×12 m plus a toddler pool. Bastu, bath shop och restaurant. Swimming school for children and adults.

Beach areas:

Beach at Brunnsviken at Frescati.
(Östermalms sdf, tfn 508 10 000)

Beach at sjön Magelungen.
(Farsta sdf, tfn 508 19 000)
Large beach at sjön Flaten
Hässelby allmänna bad
Badhusvägen. Beach with solklippor, (large rocks that are nice for sunning), with Mälaren. (Hässelby sdf, tfn 508 04 000)

Perstorpsvägen-Nynäsvägen. Beach at sjön Drevviken. (Farsta sdf, tfn 508 19 000)
At Peterséns väg in Vårberg. 
Beach at Mälaren. (Skärholmens sdf, tfn 508 24 000)

Beach at Ulvsundasjön.
(Västerleds sdf, tfn 508 07 000)

Grimsta recreation area. Beach at Mälaren.
(Vällingby sdf, tfn 508 05 000)
Hellasgården in Nackareservatet, the Nacka reserve.
Lilla Essingens bryggbad
(Kungsholmens sdf, tfn 508 08 000)
Långholmens klippbad
Beach on Långholmens north beach at Riddarfjärden. (Hornstulls sdf, tfn 508 11 000)

Långholmens strandbad
Strandbad at Långholmens north beach with Riddarfjärden near Karlshälls gård.
(Hornstulls sdf, tfn 508 11 000)

Långsjöbadet Strandängsstigen at Långsjö Torg. Beach area
(Älvsjö sdf, tfn 508 21 000)
Lövsta west of Hässelby Villastad. Beach at Mälaren. (Hässelby sdf, tfn 508 04 000)

Maltesholmsvägen at Hässelby Strand. Beach with Mälaren. (Hässelby sdf, tfn 508 04 000)

West of Jakobsbergs Gård. Large beach area at Mälaren. (Skärholmens sdf, tfn 508 24 000)

Mariebergsparken. Beach at Riddarfjärden.
(Kungsholmens sdf, tfn 508 08 000)

Solviksbadet Beach at Mälaren
(Västerleds sdf, tfn 508 07 000)

Alsätravägen. Beach at Mälaren.
(Skärholmens sdf, tfn 508 24 000)

Nackareservatet at Nacka golfbana.

Beach at sjön Trekanten. Liljeholmens sdf, tfn 508 22 000)
Ågestabadet Ågesta recreation area
tfn 683 18 13, at sjön Magelungen.
Färjestadsvägen.Large beach area at Mälaren.
(Västerleds sdf, tfn 508 07 000)